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At Blissful Parenting, we offer a wide range of packages for parents and children. Our package is going to help you to continue a blissful motherhood journey as a confident parent. 

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Best Confinement Experience

Babies do not come with instruction manuals but at Blissful Parenting, our parenting guidance will prepare new mommies like you to be the most confident parents during your stay with us.

Confident Parents

Learn about baby's cues, how to breastfeed successfully, how to establish a successful sleeping routine for babies, bodycare basics and even, basic first aid.
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Inspired and Dedicated Support Team

Years of working with moms and babies has given Elizabeth inspiration and enthusiasm to give focused and excellent care to this vulnerable group through Blissful Parenting.
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Proven Approach

Rest assured, both mommy and baby's needs will be fully taken care of, ensuring you peace of mind and a blissful confinement experience.
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Antenatal Classes

Antenatal classes help expecting parents to focus on your pregnancy and forthcoming labour and birth. It could help you with your antenatal care during pregnancy, antenatal diet and plan, exercises, childbirth, and many more. Most importantly, it covers all the general information about the process of labour, childbirth, and after delivery.


Relaxation during pregnancy is associated with salutogenic effects that include regulation of emotional states and physiology. Relaxation is also associated with positive effects both on fetal behavior and on obstetric and neonatal outcomes. 

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Breast Feeding

The importance of appropriate infant feeding and the vital role played by breastfeeding in child survival, growth and development are well known. Breastfeeding helps to protect the infant against some of the major causes of childhood morbidity and mortality.

Postnatal Care

Women and newborn require support and careful monitoring after birth. Most maternal and infant deaths occur in the first six weeks after delivery, yet this remains the most neglected phase in the provision of quality maternal and newborn care.

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We will answer to all of your enquiries and questions you have in regards of our lovely confinement center. Meanwhile, if you have any questions in regards of parenting or pregnancy. Sr Elizabeth is always open for free consultations! Don’t hesitate to consult her, we expect to talk to you as soon as possible!