WELCOME to Blissful Parenting Post Natal Retreat. Set in a quiet spot in Bangsar far from the maddening crowd, we offer professional postpartum care for the mothers and their newborns.

Transparent Bliss
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Our history

Founded by Sister Elizabeth Richards, here at Blissful Parenting Post Natal Retreat providing a 28-day, comfortable and restful stay with professional postpartum care.

Sister Elizabeth, also known as a ‘baby whisperer’ to our clients, brings with her 20+years as a midwife and is an International Accredited Lactation Consultant.


Under her care and hands-on management we provide individual postpartum care for the mothers and their precious newborns, with a team of professional carers/nurses.

Not forgetting our culture, Blissful Parenting also provides our Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) consultation with the TCM doctor. Here you will learn what matters most in being a mother and how to care for yourself and your baby, all in a tranquil environment.

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A former client said...

“It is like being a home away from home”

Rest assured, both mommy and baby’s needs will be fully taken care of, ensuring you peace of mind and a blissful confinement experience. You will take home with you our parenting guidance, as we prepare individually tailored programs for each of the new and seasoned mums to be confident, happy and relaxed.

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Feels Like Home..

Blissful Parenting Confinement Center is established to provide complete postpartum care and services to the Mother, the Father and the Baby throughout the confinement period.

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over and look around.

We will answer to all of your enquiries and questions you have in regards of our lovely confinement center. Meanwhile, if you have any questions in regards of parenting or pregnancy. Sr Elizabeth is always open for free consultations! Don’t hesitate to consult her, we expect to talk to you as soon as possible!