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are an all-inclusive postnatal retreat for mothers and babies.

The birth of a new baby is also the birth of a new mother. Babies do not come with instruction manuals but at Blissful Parenting, our parenting guidance will prepare new mommies like you to be the most confident parents during your stay with us.

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Nicole Chia
“Glad to be Blissful Parenting’s first customer. Like the fact that things are not traditional here, but instead medical n scientific which me and my husband believe."
Sew Reilyn
"A heaven for me. The team is very friendly and helpful to ensure that both me and my newborn (a premie) is well taken care of. I was skeptical at first but was glad that I’ve made a last minute swap to Blissful Parenting."
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As one of the best confinement centers in Malaysia, we provide customised and personalised postpartum care so that everyone is taken care of throughout the confinement period.

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over and look around.

We will answer to all of your enquiries and questions you have in regards of our lovely confinement center. Meanwhile, if you have any questions in regards of parenting or pregnancy. Sr Elizabeth is always open for free consultations! Don’t hesitate to consult her, we expect to talk to you as soon as possible!


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Kuala Lumpur,

96, Jalan Medang Kapas, Bangsar, 59100